With You Still

My hands are bound, behind my back.
My eyes see shadows, right through the black.
These tears, so hot, against my cheek,
Those ones...... I thought...... Had left me too weak;
I hold this silence, and it kills me- - -
That same empty voice, that wills me.
Break away, these ties which bind me,
Awake today, your eyes, come and find me!

My bones are tired, and will not they rest?
My skins, sits cold, upon its flesh.
My heart beats slow, while yours, much faster- - -
Exactly, what is it though, that you are after?
Seldom, is your surrender sweet :
That place, where pride, and reason, meet.
Hold me steady, don't let me fall,
I am more the ready, should ever you call.

When I sleep, I dream...... A nightmare - - -
I keep finding you and I there.
Tell me of the things I would like to hear,
Whispering lies, into my ear.
And go - - - Just as you always will,
I know...... Here I remain, the same......
With you still.

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