Withering Heart

Like a branch, once full of life,
is a brittle heart serrated by a knife
Once long ago full of love and hope,
now falls deeper down a slippery slope
Heavy weight lays upon the soul,
spiraling down a dark and lonely hole
Hanging on to small little threads,
making it difficult to see the future ahead
Worn and tattered, the heart feels most,
feeling empty and frail like a ghost
Losing the strength to fight the fight,
dreams are lost, out of sight
Continuous thoughts, empty and bleak,
making the heart smaller and weak
Where is the strength, where did it go?
Only the heavens above really know
Heart is frail, weary and withered,
hit hard by an emotional blizzard
Dazed and confused, not sure where to turn,
need to recover, need to learn
How to find the inner strength,
looking deep into my soul at great length
Want to survive and live again,
and change the way things have been
Love and hope full of dreams,
are so far out of reach it seems

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