Withering Love

Neath the morning sun, two teeny florets,
Cozy in their sepals, on the brink of bloom.
Tender and supple, unique in their way,
In the garden of amity, together they stayed.

Hopes so fresh, bright and radiant,
As placidly blossomed, the soft velvet petals.
Birth of fellowship, as their foliole touched one another,
And swayed with the breeze, in the company of each other.

Days crawled by, unwithered they stayed,
To the blistering sun and mumbling rain.
Ever adhered, colorful and fragrant,
Embarking an utter love, over to the stars and the moon.

Early one morning, as the sun posed a smile,
A butterfly so graceful,soared past little high.
Gazed down at the blossomed two, flapping his wings
Adored at their harmony, and yearned to be a part.

Benevolence inward, warmth and concern,
Bowed faintly their petals and greeted openly to their comity.
Flapping and flitting, the fly sailed down in glee,
Alighted on one, but left solus the other.

Laid in wait, the lone little flower,
For a moment of heed, her comrade to give.
As time swayed away, lonesome and forsaken,
Lost did her bright colour, and withered away her petals.

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