Within An Emerald Sea

The forest's sounds are far from discordant,
The myriad trees sway under their weight,
The prodigious canopies house many a creature,
The glut of these critters is certainly great.

Birds hover over the highest of branches,
Families of monkeys wrangle out on the limbs,
Leopards keep vigil deep in the jungle,
Others stay gingerly out on the rim.

The matted floor is devoid of all light,
A bonanza of leaves carpets the ground,
Small beetles and bugs crawl out of sight,
The dense rotting foliage precludes any sound.

The elite can vie for food on the ground,
While others playfully grapple for fruit,
Still others grope in the darkness for bugs,
And skittish birds fly off with their loot.

The bountiful branches hold numerous creatures,
They swing and banter and shove.
All with different perspectives of life
Thriving in the jungle they love.

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