Within Four Walls

Within these walls I do declare
I see the cracks, they're everywhere;
Little bits of dust and dirt,
Causing ruin, causing hurt;
I chance to take a glance outside,
But everyone has run to hide;
Quarantined within four walls,
There's no more laughter in the halls;
No more loved ones gentle hugs,
Just little creepy crawly bugs;
On the phone the wee ones cry,
When will you be coming by;
How do you say I cannot come,
Until this virus is all done;
It kills, it maims, it separates,
It causes pain, it causes hate;
So here I sit within four walls,
No more shopping, no more malls;
People dying, families lost,
How much has this virus cost;
Conspiracy or warfare, either way there's no reprieve,
So we sit within these four walls,
Left alone to grieve.

Yvette Leslie Cheko...… October 1st/2020

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