Within Her a Real Angelic Being

Within the average yet intelligent
and normal and ordinary woman, with
a true gift of prudence, she is sweet,
strong, with an anointed angelic nature aura,
that irreproachable, she is protected
on every side; those that wronged her
deep, within the consciousness of their souls,
experience subtle torment and subtle
pain; she has already forgiven and is a better
woman and a true unique gem that's irreplaceable
she's firm and sets healthy boundaries, and both hidden
and knowingly well respected as a great woman,
of taste and quality and humbleness, and down-to-earth
and gives soft truth differently but factually, keep her
under protection, of real wings of angelic realm; she
is quiet by nature, and grows gracefully and has
inner joy, in difficult times, yet has a don't give
attitude with tough skin, and not a foolish woman, as some
misperceive her to be, yet with ancient pure wisdom, and
hidden inner-wisdom, secretly kept, that is mysterious
and unfounded, that can be figured out; she has exotic natural
genetic beauty, that's not fake, and is a truly unique woman, that's
unexplainable to others, yet the angelic nature within her keeps
her safe and out of the path of evil intenders

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