Within Herself

She smiles she knows she feels it coming.
It knocks tells her let me in.
She screams no one hears her, she's all alone.
It comes closer, cherishes her face, she closes her eyes,
she's been here before. She thought she escaped it,
she thought she ran,
so much comes, so little can see.
She closes her eyes as her blood is flooding,
she feels it but doesn't dare to scream again.
She feels the hunger, the anger that it feels,
she has tried to be good to live for God.
But everyone said she was a failure.
She smiles; she knows what power she will have.
Inside her, she soon won't feel all the confusion;
it was always there deep within her.
She loves but they don't care,
she tells but they don't hear.
So this time she is escaping, she is letting it in.
As all her blood is drained from her soul,
she can't feel, she is numb.Then she smiles, rips it up,
says if you can't believe in me,
if you want to break me down.
Now, now it is my time to set free,
I am coming, coming for you.
Don't you fear what I have become;
soon, soon your pain will be over.
You won't feel it, my dear child,
soon you will be with me,
and she closes her eyes, and whispers, "Within myself."

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This Poems Story

I was born in a war and after that my family had struggles coming to America. Once we came here my amily only had five dollars in their pocket and they left their whole family behind for a better future for my sister and I. With them being so brave and strong, this is what has inspired me to write my poems.