Within Photographs

She packs a bag and jumps on the back of his motorcycle.
The two of them take off.
I do not know why I'm here.
This dream has me a bit lost.

He's being chased down, swerving in and out of cars.
I'm sensing an oncoming crash,
but he's flying down backroads at last.


She teases him safely,
leading him through the tress.
She holds onto one as if posing for a photo,
but to the back of a cabin he walks.
She lets go and follows.
I tag along behind.
Why I'm here, I still do not know.
I trail the steps out back ...
We are all inside now, he turns the latch.
Click. Secured. Locked.
He disappears down the side hallway ...
Something he must've forgot ...


Black. Pitch Black.

The circuits have been cut.
I can feel the very pulse to my tongue
and a heartbeat to my lungs.
We both stand, frozen in fear ...
in the middle of the living room.

I try to whisper to her, but I am unable ...
Another fuckin nightmare, has begun.
I hear a buzzing ...
The coffee table glows and the air conditioner kicks in.
We gasp at what the light displays, freezing in our skin ...
Images of my childhood on one side,
hers on the other.
Someone has been stalking us for years undercover ...

Who is playing this game?
And what the fuck do they want?
She screams for her boyfriend, but he isn't responding.
Dead. Everything is dead.
We are trapped in this fucked up nightmare that has breached into my head.

Escape? I should know best.
I reach for her hand, but a chill engulfs my chest.
To her, am I a ghost?
Or is she only a figment of this imagination?
I guess that's just the way it is ...
when you fall asleep and lose it ...

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