Within Your Ember

a single moment
I cannot hear you sing
feels like eternity
hang on every sound you make
haunts my every dream
I don't deserve you
but I wont stop trying

I was so wrong
and you were still there
your voice I choked
by my scars
I buried your heart
underneath my corpse
every time a pulse was found
I put a shovel to the ground
I dug further down
I have witnessed the sun
absorbed the pale of the moon
yet the depth of the sea
falls short to compare
a hearth of golden dark amber
I found solace in the resilient ember
burn my demons
upon this alter
from this path
I shall not falter
lay our burdens in the grave
move forward to greater days

the stars just don't shine the same
without you at my side

the only thing I'd rather see
in the morning
than the sun rise
no matter the darkness
of the night
is the soul in your eyes
staring back at mine

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