Mm now it's not okay
No it's not
You said you loved me but
Clearly you did not
You acted like you cared
While I'm over hear ripping out my hair
You acted so calm
Which was really wrong
Cause I was over here trying to figure out what more I could've done
You were fine
While meanwhile I was still acting like you were mine
I said I was fine
But anyone with a brain would've see I had been dyin
I hurt myself again
But you were just standing there looking at me taking my soul
I gave you everything
But clearly that can be replaced with anything
You moved on so quickly now taht ain't fair
cause while you are over here livin the dream
I'm over here livin in a freaking nightmare.
Now how can you move on so fast
That's what I'd like to ask
Cause you were over here talkin about forever
But I can see now that forever ain't that long
Now when I find someone beitter
You is gonna be on my messages saying that you miss my love letters
Now come on I am moving on
I mean clearly it can't take that long!

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