Without a Goodbye

I'm only a little of the woman I use to be,
You've helped bring out the real me.
Each & everyday I try to pretray I'm not phased,
Deep down inside it's killing me I'm stuck in a maze.
I have to face it I was only used,
Why me? That's where I'm very confused.
I know it wasn't always perfect but it was true love,
We both were happy, alive, & free like doves.
I was scared to let u in my life,
Now 2 years later you're asking me to be ur wife.
All the feelings I feel are new,
Day by day my feelings grew.
At times I didn't know what to do,
All I knew is I didn't want to lose u.
I was finally living my dreams,
Even though it was hard it seemed.
Everytime u walk through my door,
I smile because I finally found what I've been looking for.
Incase u don't have a clue,
It's all because of u.
My dreams are coming true,
I'm so madly in love with u.
U have given me a new found hope,
Even though at times I didn't know how to cope.

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