Without Compare (Beauty)

Without compare

Your skin is fare like snow white

red lips from a single rose that shimmers in the watchful eye of a beast

whose life relies on his one true love...

Without compare

Your hair is long enough

to use as leverage to climb to the top of the tower as you're being pulled

every which way just when you want to fall in a deep sleep for a hundred years

Without compare

You'll do the housework which includes chores

listening to your stepmother and stepsisters

running away to the ball wearing a gown

waiting for your prince to come

Without compare

wanting to be human due to your aching heart

you'll sell your soul

never forgetting your underwater world

Without compare

your beauty is rare like Alice In Wonderland

making yourself small to go through the rabbit hole and visit the unknown

Without compare

you're flying in the air on a magic carpet ride

rubbing the lamp making a wish

Without compare

you're a warrior

whose willing to put family first

Without compare

your beauty is inside of a story book

whose pages are filling up

giving yourself life with meaning

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