Without Saying Goodbye

Without saying goodbye
Mom left me
Now I wonder in my heart
How could this be?
Childhood was difficult
I just couldn’t relate
How kids loved their parents
Those gems I did not appreciate
No bedtime stories
No sweet kisses good night
No tender moments at all
When my world just wasn’t right
Life for me was hurtful
Was alone for my cries
Mom should have been there
As a young child, my heart already died
What had I done
To make my mother not to care?
Sometimes I ponder if
The answers I would be able to bear
Perhaps if mom stayed
And practiced being a mother
My mission wouldn’t be chasing love
Trying to get it from another
As a result of your absence
Showing affection is strange
My soul has been damaged
It’ll require some work to change
My children are here now
I refuse to do what you’ve done
Knowing that they are special
Unlike you I will not run
Everyday my babies suffer
At night they cry
Because they never got over
Why mother left without saying goodbye.

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