Without Warning

I sit here and pour excuses into every crack in our foundation
Trying to mold the unfolding events that
Happened too fast for my eyes to see.
Where did you go.
This story book has too many pages left
To be over.
Too many unturned corners
And too much love between thin sheets.
You came and sparked a flame within me
That burned down all walls in the prison
In which I locked myself.
The ashes mock me
Because just like the wind beneath
You are gone and slip through my fingers
Far too effortlessly.
Where would I go without the home
You had made under my ribs.
I don't understand how you can open me up
And then leave me to dry.
I know you don't see my bruised lungs
that used to whisper your name.
And I know you won't be looking for my face in the crowd
But I know that the scar of losing you
Will be far deeper than any other
Because you made me lose my breath
And breathe fresh air
At the same time.

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