Without You

Without you I'm a heartless person
I walk these halls with a blank expression
Things weren't supposed to go this way
But I'll go with it anyway
Knowing I was yours and you were mine, made me secure
I'm missing you, please find me a cure

Without you I don't feel sane
I can't get you out of my brain
I don't care as much anymore
People are saying I'm becoming a bore
You say we can still be friends
But somehow that comes to an end

Without you I sleep more
Trying to avoid the thoughts of you
I can't think of anything new
Things are changing, maybe for the good or bad
Tell me this... why do I feel sad?

Without you I feel lost
You're running in my head, you must feel exhaust
No one to tell my thoughts to
You're the only one who really knew
You were always there
Now... you're nowhere
Without you I'm not myself

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