Without You

How can I sleep when I no longer feel your presence beside me
How can I open my eyes and not see your radiance of joy
How can I wake up and not have you be the first thought in my mind
How can I bear you no longer loving me anymore
How can I sing any songs without you humming along
How can I breathe when you no longer breathe at all
How can I laugh without hearing your horrible jokes
How can I feel when I no longer feel you hugging me
How can I smile without seeing yours brighten my day
How can I kiss anyone else when their lips are not yours
How can I hold another’s hand when mine trembles when it is not yours
How can I lay in my bed when you are not holding me close
How can I put on your jacket when it still smells like you
How can I find my purpose in life when you are not guiding the way
How can I cry anymore tears when I have no more to shed
How can I read another book without my tears falling on the pages
How can I die when I will never grow old with you
How can I dance around my room when you are not dancing with me
How can I watch the stars when all I think of is you in heaven
How can I look at the clock when all I think of is the time you died
How can I have any children when they are supposed to be ours
How can I get married when you are not the one putting the ring on my finger
How can I rebuild my heart again when you still own mine
How can I fall in love with anyone besides you
How can I ever live without you

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