Without You

You made me believed you were the man of my dreams, but I woke up to reality.
You were nothing, but a wolf in disguise waiting in the shadows to break me down.
Tear the pieces of my heart apart and watched the world we built together burn.
For the longest you made me think I was truly meant to be alone in this universe.
So I closed my eyes to the truth and continued to walk down the path alone.

Until he came along and brought color back into my world.
He turned my frown upside down and opened my eyes once more.
Made this heart in its cage beat again to the rhythm of his drum.
Now I stand on my own two feet without you in my life.

You made me pen in your favor, denying my right to express myself freely.
And I went along with your scheme since you were the center of my world.
Wanted to make you happy while satisfying my needs of writing poetry for this hungry soul.
Though you held my heart in your hands and pulled every string, I kept my hand moving.
Even after you decided to betray me in the end, forcing my eyes to close to the truth.

But he came along one day and pried open my mind with his hands.
Accepted all of my scars and wiped the tears from these brown eyes.
He filled my loneliness with laughter and friendship I've never experienced before.
Now I stand on my own two feet without you in my life.

I know you still lurk in the darkness, waiting for another chance to reappear.
But you'll only be a memory so long as I live because I don't need your toxin.
I've learned to smile again and dance to the songs that made me think about you.
I'm no longer living under your shadow since I'm back to being myself again.
You just hate the fact I've been striving for so long without you by my side.

Ever since he came along and made me open my eyes to a brand new world.
He brought color back to my universe and filled my loneliness with laughter.
He gave me something you couldn't dream of doing within this life we live.
Since now I stand on my own two feet without you trying to control my heart...

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This Poems Story

This is an ex-boyfriend based poem and how a new friendship opened my eyes again to having a happy life.