Without You

The days get easier
as each month passes by.
It's not every day now
that I take a moment to cry.
I'm getting stronger
I just miss you so much!
Their's not a day that goes by
I don't long for your touch.
I often dream that you're here
at home with me.
In our house again
as a happy family.
When I awaken though
I feel emptiness inside.
Not in our house
you not at my side.
Baby, I love you so much!
how much longer will it be?
For you to finally come home
to our children and me.
It seems like forever
since they ripped you away.
I remember our last nite together
as if it were yesterday.
We didn't see it coming
how could we be so neive?
Being in the game
people are full of deceipt.
That was then though
and we are in the here and now.
Praying for your safe return
when you cross the boarder somehow.
It's been 13 long months
since i felt your skin touch mine.
Yet, here I stay waiting for you
the distance between us is time.
You are the love of my life
this I know for sure.
Without you here life's a devistation
almost more than my heart can endure.

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Another poem for my ex while he was away