Without You

They say a mothers love is everything ...well then I didn’t need it, a child crying for your love was non receiving, then you criticize my daddy up, your an such an heathen, no need to talk to you when you always scheming ...a mother love was everything now I live without you, I still have love for you but I ain’t crying for you,

Gotten older now and I see the real you,
A mother love is everything
But that isn’t for me
yes I’m your daughter but you still don’t know me ...
I’ve been a mother to you since I was a lil thang , so we really homies
No disrespect intended
That’s just my feelings, I refused to regenerate the cycle when it’s my time to have children

A mother love is everything
When you have children
You sacrificed your all...but that wasn’t given
You give all to a man, but ignored the children
That’s okay, ma
I was still hear when they didn’t listen
and I was still here for you when you abused me in the kitchen

Really a child love is everything,
you put me through and I still pray
Keeping you at a distance, the love is still there but there’s no words to say
A change has come within
I’m not better than you
I just refused to be hurt again

This time I’m not crying for you, but for me
Self-love is where we both need to be

mother love isn’t everything, you see

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