without you

You've been there for me

You fed me changed me

Drove me to school when i was sick

You comforted me in my hard times

And kept me safe from all the bad stuff

In this crazy world

You're the light to guide me

through this tunnel we call life

If you weren't here what would i do

Id have to make my own food

Do my own laundry

Without you i'd be nothing

I'd be a lost puppy trying to find my owner

You let me go when i needed space

You've been on my side for everything

You love me

no matter what i tell you

And are always there

even when i dont want you

You need me like i need you

If i didn't have you don't know what i do

And that's why i thank you

For putting up with my faults

My tears, my scars

My moments are the best

When i have you there with me

You are my mommy, my mum

Your crazy, caring helpful and daring

You'd take a bullet for me

Just to know I'm safe

If i lost you i'd be lost in a world with no faith

I love you, i hate you i want nothing to do with you

But i'll never leave cause

You always know that i'm your safe place

The place to hide when you're sad

Cry when you're mad

Giggle when your're happy

And lie when you're bad

You can confide with me all you're fears and you're hopes

Without you i'd just be a sinking boat

I love you mommy i love you its true

I hate you don't touch me

Don't leave me i need you

Please get that i want you to never leave me

The day that you pass

Will always be grey

The day you pass life will never be the same

So stay with me as long as you will

Never give up on this son you have great skills

You teach me you help me

Your the best you can be

Life wouldn't be the same without you mommy

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