Witness the world drown, in the tears of the weak
At the mercy of the strong, and the havoc they wreak.
Witness the power of one, the spark that lit the fire
Is that all it took, to swell a country's desire?
Tunis took to the streets, we want to be free!
Witness the power of many, now the world could see.
So spread the scent of hope, from the petals of a Jasmine
Breathing life to low souls, rise up from the ashes!
But nothing worth having, ever comes without cost
We must never forget, the ones we have lost.
Witness the courage of those, whose cage you can't rattle
With the heart of a lion, taking stones to a gun battle
For that is true bravery, locked in a perilous strife
Standing tall against evil, not afraid to lose this life.
Not everyone understands, asking why do you fight
The list of wrongs run deep sir, I can't rest 'till they're right.
For even at the end, Witness the power of greed
The tyrant tells all, I will never leave.
One should always be wary, of a man who claims to be king
Do they not fear God? It's His praises I sing!
Witness His mercy, of the moon and the sun
To guide the lost, when it seems hope is done.
Because even in the dark of night, we have the light of the moon
Giving man small rays of hope, on spite of his gloom
And if they hold their ground, swallow the fear to run
Time might reward those brave souls, with the light of the sun.
For the Light fuels faith, and the faith becomes fire
Driving the passion for justice, a true heart's desire.
With each passing day, the cause grows stronger
With God as our Witness, evil won't be much longer.

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