Woe is me

I’m tired, drained, feel like I been run over by a train
Numbness settles into my bones that eases the pain
Weary, floating through life on a dark black cloud
As I look below me, searching for solid ground.
What do you do when all your given is out
What do you do when no one listens and you just want to shout?
Slowly shutting down, isolation becoming my best friend
Looking for brighter new days waiting for weary days to end
I am who I am and I accept others for who they are
Why can’t they see me, hear me, see what’s in my heart?
I am a good person inside and out
My mind races, my heart pounds I’m fighting this fight
But losing the bout, but this is a bout I long to lose, for it
Means happier days are ahead! With dark clouds lifted
With smiling faces, happy times, nothing to dread
Depression is no fun game or even a sport
It’s not easy to overcome, not easy to abort.
I know God is there and understands when we live in the flesh
I know He forgives me and loves me and knows what’s best.
I will be ok soon, as the days pass by where my life
Will not be like a balloon, floating around with no sense of direction
Looking for this person or that person that will show me affection
I have to stop putting my all to man, I need to put my all to the one who really
Knows me, the one who understands
My God is here and will never leave, He is the only one to give me hope, make me believe.

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