Woes of the Heart

Woes of the Heart
It’s been said that true love will come once in a lifetime
It’s been said that when you stop looking, love will find you
I wish with all my heart and soul, I could make her mine
I stopped looking and she came in like a tornado
What caught me off guard was this look she gets in her eyes
A playful glint, a reflection of myself, in eyes blue as the skies
I lost my heart to her that day, to this I do attest
Her laugh, her insights, her smile, the things she has best
I found myself longing to be with her more and more
The longer we walked the road of life, the closer we became
Just when I thought a new life would begin, my world came to an end
Her status became single so I gave it a try. We’re better as friends,
she says and I cried.
Isn’t it supposed to be, you marry your best friend?
Isn’t it supposed to be, your best friend you live forever with?
How can she say no when we are so perfect together?
Now my days are gloomy, regardless of the weather.
A distance has formed between she and I,
Tears fall as storm clouds opening in the sky
Now, knowing I’ve been defeated, love is simply just a word.
The word love is not meant for this soul no longer
I found my true love, and was rejected in such a way
I can’t see myself living without her day after day
Maybe time will heal the wounds, will give me hope
This I haven’t an answer to, so I sit around and mope
Thinking of the one girl that got away, because I was too friendly.
I lost the one that made me laugh, made me smile
So as this story comes towards an end….
Instead of a lover, I was just a friend..

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