Wolf Child, 02/06/21

By Liphi   

Hides under the twilight, waiting for light to fall. Ears wide open for a sound, as the clouds area being crowned. Waits for the innocents. Dressing up like dolls, covering its shiny claws. Acts as pure and white as lambs— children do not know. They were bringing a storm.

Oh, huge eyes— terrifying yet clear. Oh, sweet voice— like honey from virgins’ tears. Under the sun who sees nothing. Snow covers the dirt, secrets of dawn and night. Howling the song of patience and delight.

Oh, small soul, as true as you can be. Lies are accessories. To avoid sorrow’s pain and plea, drawing in the dark, the sea eats you up. Crying filled with rage and might. Wearing a smile full of lies and fears. Do not break as you dared to the moon. Like dogs as knights of loyalty, a beast who knows how to love, yet a fox full of trickery. A danger! A lover! Beneath the cloth’s no angel of light, a villain in long old history, craving for tender, excited to take a bite.

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