Wo-man, know that, you are beautifully and wonderfully made.
Your character and distinction is bold. It should never fade.

You were genuinely created with glory and beauty in mind.
Never let anyone take this away or bring you down.

When you see negativity coming your way, say wo
and walk away.
Keep moving, because it will only darken your day.

Say Wo to the things trying to bring your self-esteem down.
Lift your head and hold it high. Walk away and turn your life around.

When you wake, each morning, know that God has given you a chance for a brand new start.
It's your great chance, for a clean heart.

Your strength is amazing. Your endurance is to die for.
There's no way anything can break you. You're unbreakable, adorable and so much more.

Woman keep your head up, with a smile on your face.
Remember, there's none like you, because in God's image, you were wonderfully made.

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