I want to keep my instincts asleep as they torment.
But they awake every now and then,
Agitate me for or without reason.
I want to concentrate on creativity except giving birth
But woman tempts me with primitive love.
I want to violate tradition,
Woman gives me courage.
Woman is my inspiration;
Woman is my temptation;
Woman is my instincts' magician;
Woman is my destruction.
My first birth is in mother's womb;
My second birth is in beloved's vagina;
My first death is in the fire of woman' desire;
My final death is in the lap of mother earth.
Woman can take me to hell and heaven,
On any spur of the moment.
Woman teaches how to love,
From every nook to the above.
I respect woman as a lovable trend,
Sister, mother, beloved and friend.
Pleomorphic with different hearts,
Undeniably she is the most mysterious.
Nothing makes me think time and again,
As the entity and the word 'woman'.

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