Woman of worth

The sun shone brightly on a new morning,
for someone this day was really adorning.
Yes a mother's most memorable day,
in her arms a whining baby Lay.
God said "a baby girl I reward you,
humble sweet and a darling like you.
you are to pamper her and make her bold
so that the world she could control."
the baby was a girl blessed with the beauty of a pearl,
tiny fingers clutching a large thumb, all the sensations for a moment felt numb.
Dreams were big and emotions overflowed,
utmost love for all in her heart she stored .
Beautiful, charming, innocent and sweet
had nothing to do with cheat.
Coming years saw her Deepen,
constantly maturing and her aura brightened .
Turned as a woman whose head always high and eyes that sparkle like a bright star in the sky. she had the stamina,beauty and the courage that one would admire,
even the love and happiness that one would aspire.
loving and caring as she is and was, helping others without any pause.
women's faith and women's trust,
she created her character from the dust.
she is a mother and she is a friend,
she is a sister and survivor to the end.
she is a wife she gave a life appreciate her,
ask her worries and care, wipe away her tears they are invisible as air.
don't complain and create a mess,
don't leave her feeling depressed .
The delhi gang rape case, brutally harassed lady died in Bangalore . A young girl of seven tortured to coma by 4 in Meerut .
ah! what a shame! the news May fade,
but the truth stills stays .
she was raped , tortured and abused told she was nothing and would always be used.
She swallows her Pride, puts her feelings aside. she does as you want and asks no cause. Ignores your ignorance and tolerates your flaws .
strong,sweet ,sensual and caring,
giving , powerful, tolerant and daring.
many pains she hides behind a beautiful smile walks along destiny all alone for miles.
she is a human god sent on the earth to respectfully be called a 'WOMAN OF WORTH'

~Samika verma

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