Woman On The Mountain

There is a woman who tends to her mountain, she brings her children to explore it's beauty.
She finds her peace in the surenity that surrounds her..
The work is hard and the labor is long, she goes to bed with a sense of calm.
She wakes up in the morning with much to do...Breakfast on the fire, and chores to do.
Every thing she touches, she brings beauty and grace, flowers on the table, plants in there place.
Her family is all cared for, she is too, the women on the mountain has much to do...
She turns the soil, her treasure is gold, everyone loves her, every story is told, there's peace on that mountain with the spirits of old.
Many have pasted on leaving memories behind, for that woman on the mountain to nurture and rekindle in kind
Not a bad word spoken, only new memories to create... If you come to her mountain, she'll make you feel at home, if she has it, its yours, no one goes without. She always has enough, to fix what is broke, without a doubt.
Designing and creating is her passion of choice, but leaving her legacy is her purpose of course.
So when you think of that woman on the mountain... She's not just about gold, she's leaving her spirit and memories for all to behold.
And on that mountain with it's winding roads and it's dusty trails, through its tall pine trees, and it's cliff's down below, you'll find a creek where it's waters flow.
Many a miners panned at it's waters edge, with her headlamp on and her knee pads too, gun in its holster, and dog by her side. Down to the river they go with shovel and pan to find her gold.
That woman on the mountain, has panning to do...
With it's treasures that are hidden deep in its face, you just have to experience this Heavenly Place! "The Jack"

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This Poems Story

This summer I had the privilege to go to a family mountain spot, of a three generations, to do some gold mining. A reunion/memorial. For three months I slept in a tent, and cooked for the miners. My sister became my inspiration to write, never done so before, began putting a scrap book together, starting with this poem. In memory of all the women that came before her. Their story to tell!