Woman on Top

Have you ever tried ?
"Woman on top ?", my friend asked ,
No ... He always prefer the missionary one ,
a simple and easy stop .

Why you Indians liked an easy stop ?
though you all liked a big hop ,
just tried once ... Woman on top ,
in which you will get a fantastic hop - hop .

In the night ... I dressed up like a jumper ,
and forced my buddy for some bumper ,
He puzzled and asked my wishes ,
I replied ," I wanna swim like fishes".

He overwhelmed with my response ,
and loaded me for more romance ,
He too liked that new hop -hop ,
and asked me ,"Why had you never said woman on top ?"

We did once ,twice and thrice ....
in the same positional slice ,
and at last when we were on fire ,
our bodies clung like wire .

That was fantastic position ,
in which everything got coagulation ,
a right angle perhaps decided ,
in which a man always preceded .

So my friends ....
Do remember this easy hop - hop ,
and do once tried ....
Woman on Top !

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This Poems Story

This poem highlights the best sexual position in which the man loves to see her beloved on the top of his body .