A mannequin is a model of the human form, an object
And If you ask me, women are perceived as if they have the label
Made to give a man a grin according to logic
When I was young I never noticed, never saw it
The way I once felt, nostalgic as flawless has been torn down
Just listen to the music, I constantly getting mad at verses
A guy talks about doing things to a girl dirtier than
The words he curses, as if we're play toys with make up and purses
Supposed to be your servants as if we're maids and nurses
There message constantly disperses
Influencing a mindset
That would wipe all the memories of what church is
And lets be honest,
Its not only these boys because girls entertain the problem
They're not necessarily agreeing with them
But then again not trying to stop them
Stooping to they're standard so you can be liked,
Trying to cut your clothes in half
Poke it out and walk about
And do it as if you've mastered a chosen craft well honey
This isn't an art, He doesn't see you walking like a dancer
Or speaking like a poet because a kind of guy like that
Only wants one thing and we all know it
So don't look up to the model of a women for the picture currently
Painted because it isn't something like a Picasso, more like a fiasco
I could never frame or even hang it

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