She stood there alone, as strong as she could .
Bear she did, the storm and heat.
'No food nor rest she deserved ',spoke the rest,
unto death, toil till the sun rose from the west.
Born to suffer, and struggle all her life.
Wounds she festered, never complained.
Accepted her fate, not a word she spake.
Love she did with all her heart,
her offspring she bestowed to the world.
''Silence speaks volumes",people say.
But her silence was noticed never, nay.
Oh bony lass, can't you see,
those grieved eyes, once bright with glee.
Unwelcome she was, to one and all.
Alas! Her bereaved eyes, never noticed.
Predators roamed with delirious eyes, preyed on her until her demise.
Broken, beaten and stomped upon,
there she stood as hard as stone.
Cower she did, sometimes into her shell.
Lived she a life of the dead.
All chores and ties she did,
before her travel to the other world.
She never wanted vengeance, a good soul was she, morale she had deep within.

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