How are we supposed to make a difference in this WORLD
when in the corporate WORLD
we keep trying to prove the difference in a GIRL
and a boy one stands within a NATION
what makes you think we not creating our own type of SEGREGATION
I’m tired of how we don’t speak our minds yet we lose our PATIENCE
pushing away it’s like building a GATE
you think you building the love but you really building the HATE
And you don’t own her because the size of your CHECK
we need to buckle down and show our women RESPECT
equal mind in science English or MATH
by putting women down we splitting this country in HALF
you say you love her when she show you the DOOR
love? How come the love is not the same as BEFORE
you know, before that time when you said what happens NEXT
you know before that time before you had SEX
continue to put women down not understanding the feelings IN HER
go home to your wife or girlfriend disrespectful expecting DINNER
but then it’s baby I love you if she makes sure you FED
and it’s all hugs and kisses if she lay in the BED
if you ask me this just doesn’t make SENSE
how you talk to your woman like she on the other side of the FENCE
when really she right there in your yard ready for YOU
most mean use what’s in their pants as an EXCUSE
and if there is any reading this then I am talking to YOU!

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