Women are just as good as men

Why stop me for doing “ guys” things
Why must my gender have a limit because I am a woman
I can play football , build things, and run a business just like a guy
So why stop
Am I just to be a robot to this social.
I am going break this cycle because
A woman can do anything a man do
When I was little girl if i get a dolls
it would be in fire or see a hammer
I would keep my airplane and car
I can fix things up without the instructions
just as my guy cousins but they have to use the intrusions
some girl are better at guys in some area
Men can wear makeup if they want to without be LGBTQ
I am a woman who want to know about car and motorcycle instead of make-up
My guy friend who want know about makeup and wear it
I know boys who want a dolls
I want airplane and cars
I know guys who care about how they look
I know girls who have never wear dress or skirt in their life.
I know guys who would twerk just as good as a girl
I know girls who know about cars just as a guy
Gender isn't suppose to limit your income to a man with the same degree because
you are a woman
I am a girl who want be a DJ and make movies
My movies would be a scary and horror.
I can do boxing with my guy cousin
and just as good as him
Or even better then him

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