Women are Strong (Acrostic poem)

By Shabnam   

Wounded soldiers, they are
Ones who wrench their clouds so the world could be fair.
Many exclaim, “Aah women! They are meant to quench thirsts.”
Engineered by the wretched of powers, soldiers turned puppets, only to brim their guts
Not diminished by capability, but
Abated by fear; fear, these soldiers might rise to crush every single one of them.
Rather begin to reckon the last of silver linings, because women are capable.
Enriching every meadow they pass through
Slow, you are, to divine, they couldn’t do it for themselves
The tables when turn, oppressors become sympathizers,
Rambled now, are the words,
“Of course, there is never a beauty without brains!”
Nuanced as it sounds, was only but a charade,
Granted, there is never a beauty without brains but who is the beast of her life?


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    This Poems Story

    In an excruciating terrifying world, where everyone fights to gain what is theirs by every source or means possible, women are generally lost. They are more often used as a cell for others, just so people could derive the power for them. Yes, supporting others in their hardships is an important virtue, where does it leave the women. What part of them made people deem women\'s dreams invalid. Someday, when these women would rise to crush their oppressors, will you be one of them?