Women Have Power

Many think they are weak which is pretty bleak
Some think they are meek which is unique
Cause women have power that grows like a flower
Women have power as high as a tower
Try to bring them down they will get back up stronger
Man hitting or raping a lady there ain’t nothing wronger
Women have power better treat them with respect
Women have power better not reject

Women have come a very long way, look at the past and present day
In the past they had a movement for rights, they wanted without delay
In the present they fight along the men almost everyday
Women have power, their hearts are stronger than any weapon made by man
Women have power, that’s why when they're around, you have a low attention span
Knowledge and courage that’s what they got
They’ll use it whether you like or or not
They ain’t a game you can beat and leave
They the type to fight back you better believe
Women have power don’t make them grieve
Women have power they aren’t something you can pull out of your sleeve

Women weren’t meant to be broken
Women are known be outspoken
Women have power it grows like a flower
Women have power as high as a tower
Women have power don’t doubt that for an hour

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