Women Hold Up Half the Sky

I have watched you scale mountains feared by all
and fight the battles of lands you don't belong to.
Crossing the T's and dotting the I's of other peoples pages.
Without you there would be no us or them.
But I have also seen the scars on your back
from carrying the weight of the world.
I have touched the open wounds on your hands
from holding up half of the sky.
When I reach out to hold you
I feel the heaviness of your heart settle on mine.
My momma use to sing words of wisdom to me
and I am gonna play the song back for you.
Baby girl she would say, you are not a
fictional character or a fantasy.
You are not a stereotype or a stigma, you are a woman.
And don't worry about the wounds you will get from the beatings
they will hand to you. Open wounds turn to calluses
and calluses tell our stories when no one will listen to our words.
Baby, you must claim your space in this life,
just as the sea does when it keeps pushing back the sand
and creating a new shoreline. And when they don't thank you
for sustaining the moon and the stars remind them that
you are the sun and baby girl you hold up the entire sky.

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