Women in Leadership

Each day I paint a picture of societal expectations
What do I wear? What should I say? To whom do I owe an explanation?

I am taught to be quiet but at the same time confident
So how do I prove myself in a world that labels me incompetent?

My life is under a microscope zoomed in on slander
You see women walk the tightest trope of an ugly double standard

Be sexy not slutty be pure not a prude
Don't say sorry too much but if you don't you're rude

Don't be afraid to take chances but at the same time know your place
Because "hun" you're just a cheerleader in this male dominant race

I am not saying I hate men, I envy their right to power
When I work just as hard and get paid less every hour

This is not some pity poem I'm just spreading the truth
Look up the White House Project if you want some solid proof

I am a striving woman leader and I want to make things fair
Women are more than cooks, cleaners, sex appeal, and child care

We need to appreciate women we are smart and deserve to be respected
Stop listening to societal norms those need to be rejected

Until we are treated equal I won't be satisfied
Go sit at the head of the table you are more than qualified

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