Women in the Field

Oh Lordy, Lordy
Look’a dere, look’a dere!
The hoes is locked in da tool shed
The Fix-it man took sick, and dead

Momma got a bad root, conjr’n up good luck.
and Massa Sam gone mad, done stole our buck
Miss Missy up’n lef’ right after that buck
dey say she neva wuz quite right in da head

Said she made that buck give her some love
right there in there in the tool shed
How them negras did hee hee hee
drinkin’ hooch, stompin they’ feet
had them a mighty time
til da moon shined three

Dey say old master bout bust a gut,
Caught that buck and strung him up
for the entire world to see!
Made a pac’ ‘tween him and the devil
to keep that buck chil’ren from eva gettin’ free.

Jessica Holter

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