Women of Color

Beautiful, wonderful, mystical women of color,
condemned by the hue of your skin, stripped of God, culture and
religion. Your achilles heel appears to solidify and intensify
your strength to circumvent genocide intent.

The rainbow's end illuminates the entire spectrum of your colors.
It accentuates your assimilation of the past, in which you forged
a great melting pot: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese,
Argentine and Philippian: cultivated and adulterated
into the schism of life.

How masterfully you were created, in chaos;
compressed, blended and pressurized into submission
only to be recreated into God's most precious jewel,
liken to a diamond in the rough, purified by time,
the catalyst that enhanced your character into a
vivacious spirit of reparation!

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This Poems Story

As a sixty-one-year-old black male, raised by a single mother, I realize and appreciate the strong vivacious spirit of women indicated in my poem. My BS degree is sociology and AAS degree in human services have allowed me to work for several decades as a counselor for veterans and as a youth and drug counselor. I am married with six adult children. My source of muse is serving others. "The goodness of a thing lay in it's realization of its specific nature," Aristotle. The spoken word articulated passionately is a work of art!