I sit and Wonder Why, Things happen as the do.
I don't know were yesterday went or what may come for today.
I years go faster with each aging day,
Time is not on my side as it was in my childhood days.
I remember it taking forever for my birthday to come,
and now it was yesterday and back again next week so it seems.
My kids are much older,
then it feels they should be my little girl turns 18,
in just a few days.
we did the time go I wonder will in ever come back,
I believe my son as born days ago and now hes 10 years old.
I married the man i love in my head not very long ago,
now as the time has past 11 year went by.
So I sit here and wonder were the time has gone,
just as i blink morning turns to night.
I hold on to each day as i can,
i remember the best day as they were yesterday,
still warm in my hand.
Soon my time will come,
and I hope you all remember me,
for I wonder how much time i still have.

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