Wonder Women

Wonder woman: Written By: Bridget Overton
I used to be in a battle, fight my way through hell
And back I am, living in the darkness and I'm used to falling
My dad used to say that I can never be, never soon be
Someone who would ever be, never amount to nothing
It hurts, when I was being abused it last
There was days when I would go to school
Hide in the back of the class, pass with good grades and laugh
With the rest of the kids, like life was so perfect
I used write all day long and feel so free
With this paper I'd write so fluently
But, to my father I'd never be
Would never make it in life
Never be let free
His fist, his hands like the devils wand
Letting it mean that to him
I mean nothing
But, to me I want to make him cry
Want him to fight with the words and scream at me
And sooner or later I'd jump up and down
And scream
"Even though to you I am nothing
I'm still walking down aisles and making a life of my own
Even though your hit hurts
I don't need a superpower, I don't need cape
I think I'm pretty cool
I feel so inevitable
I'm like soldier
I'm wonder woman.

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