Welcome to Wonderland - you're in for a ride!
Your soul's the ticket, push morals and values aside.
All our attractions will make your head spin,
but the needle's the best - let it strap you in.
It will take you up and down, and toss you around,
it might make you sick but it's the best ride in town.
Some people fall off, but don't be afraid -
Just give it a try, you'll soon be amazed.
Welcome to Wonderland - we're so glad you came,
you're just in time for the junkie parade.
All those souls we stole at the door
are marching in chains with their eyes to the floor.
They're sick and they're sad, they lie, cheat and steal,
they're searching for something and dying to feel.
Some give it their all to escape the pain,
but most can't get off the heroin train.
Welcome to Wonderland - there's no turning back,
you're souls been sold, so sit back and relax.
Everything we said was a big fucking lie,
take a ride with the needle and get ready to die.

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