far far away, my dreams which elude me are reality
something only i can see, in the depths of my own insanity
sheds a light so dear to keep my alive, for without it i am dead.
show me how to love, and ill show you what it means
beyond this figment and into the reality of my dreams
love would exist, but in the end does existence
in my why of thinking, isn't everything a figment?
to exist drastically, beyond my very soul
beyond my limit and mathematics,
then would i exist?
but in the end thats to the question, there is none,
words or math can never describe emotion,
only would illusions.
down down down, to the center of my dreams
is the core which helps me divide figment and reality,
but in the end which one is true,
does truth ever exist?
down down the rabbit hole
deeper and deeper until i fall and die,
but was i already dead?
or will i never be
show me my dreams, show me my insanity,
when i look at myself its silly
where we live or where we will ever be
our fiction is the same as our reality.

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