Wooden Cross

Like the wind in the distance, it fades away
There wasn't a thing that could make you stay
Trapped in your car, all alone, lost your love tonight
Your life at the hands of Jesus, you lost the fight
Your body trapped in a car, your body crushed, your soul fled
As your heart bled
That night, in disbelief, I felt an unexplainable sensation over my body, like you were alerting me
That you were free
Here I am left behind, and the signs that you put here and there, I feel like a little girl in a candy store
What's this life for?
The tree I sat against writing in a notebook, as each car passed me by
It didn't matter, I would let out a great big cry
The day of your funeral, an Angel came in and knelt before your mother, claiming she stayed with you until the ambulance came
This life, it's just not the same
You knew my soul like the back of your hand, I know you're waiting
Because in my dream you were stating
My dearest Nicholas, you're forever in my heart
Although you told me one night that nothing lasts forever, I had loved you from the start
All that I am left with, is your resting spot and your jackets where your arms used to fit in
Sometimes, I'm dying inside, but I grin
I can't wait to run up to your arms again and greet you on the other side
I have the image of the moment I had to leave you at the grave, 6ft under
Replaying the moments when we once got locked in each other's eyes
I lost a piece of myself when you died
A wooden cross marked your life on the side of the road, I tried to make it the most beautiful for you
In my heart, I was NEVER ready to let go
But I was forced to and was forced to go on
Please tell me this is de ja vu
I love you

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