Woodgate Dreams

Woodgate a fake lame excuse for paradise more like a place you where you pick up deathly parasites. My grandma was one of those people just trying to get away. Run away run away and fight all of that hurtful pain. She and my mama them against the world..no one could tear them down no one could make them frown but the world always finds away. I will never forget that sad and fateful day I saw her crying in the kitchen with a 40 on the dinner table. She said sorry princess your grandma really isn’t stable, but you have to stay here your mom works a lot. I knew that day my grandma wasn’t standing in the light but the dark. It was consuming her life and it was all my granddads fault. He should feel the guilt eating him alive like salt for instead of lifting her up he was tearing down the woman that was right by his side while I was playing outside. I found myself right there outside of Woodgate. Where I would meet up with my friends which turned out they were fake. A couple of years later my grandma finally realized my granddad was tearing her apart....that she was left in the dark. She kicked him out with a scream and a shout and that when it all began. All of the built up anger and aggression manifested in a physical depression. Cancer lit up her body like dynamite in the night sky...and it left me wondering why was it her who had to die. She was the only thing I had she was the only person to tell me it was okay when I was sad. She talked to me about any and everything me and her would even dance and we would sing. Now as I go by each day I look at those painted gray and white building and say. No one even cared about us they just said it. No one really and Truly even meant it....all they cared about where those white picket fences and That’s where it all ended. That’s when I lost myself and it would be a lie if I said I didn’t have a bible on ever shelf. And yes I still dream....I Woodgate dream that I won’t turn hateful and mean. Try to stay above, beyond and out of the dark maybe I can become something else and get a new start. And yes I have sadness...but only some people can turn that into gladness. My mama she uplifts me and i have father issues but I will be something great he’ll see and then He will come begging and crying back to me...but I’ll block him out because I already have a father who has been there longer and acts more like a father than he ever was. So when I grow older I’ll just flick him off like a small piece of fuzz. My little brother he looks up to me, I know he feels it to although he doesn’t express it but I will never be brave enough to even test it. I don’t want him to end up like me because I’m just a girl who looks up to the sky and Woodgate dreams.

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