If I am alone in a world of people
Then let my pen and my words create a world that I can be known
Let silence not overwhelm me to a bittersweet grave
That I may lie still without the warm touch of another living soul
If the gods surround me to ease the pain of my loneliness
Then let them fill my mind with words
That will caress the souls and hearts of those that love my words
Give life to my pen so that I may have a form of living
That I may endure
That will free me and give me life
So that I may fill many with my words
That they will understand me in their lonely predicaments
Let the words give them happiness when they are sad
Let my poem hold them when no one else is there to comfort
Let my words touch you when you need to be touched
Let them bring you on a ride when there is no place to go
Let them awaken if they have fallen asleep
Let my words bring inspiration into their day
Let me give something to share when the feel they need words to share
Let them come back for more
So I will feel adored when I am alone
Let them love me
Let them comfort me
Let them like me
Let us share these words
Let my words bring us together in the world of words

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This Poems Story

I would like to thank MR for giving me back the will to succeed and become a woman. To my sons Julio and Yovan, know that if you try you will have a chance in this life. My poetry is my form of healing and expressing my happiness and my pains, and even at times trying to understand who I am and who I will become. This is also for the Howe Family.