It seems to me that today a word can have great power, the power to help someone or the power to hurt someone.
It even has the power to make a group or groups of people become hostile towards a person or group of people.
The real truth is that a word or a group of words only has the power or any power that is given to it by the person or people that are speaking it or writing it.
As a young boy growing up all these words were still around, although they didn’t have the same amount of power that they have today.
Why because these words weren’t given the power and definition that they have been given in today's world.
Could it be that in the future these words will become just words that can neither harm you nor hurt you?
There is an old saying that comes to mind. Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt you.
If you allow words to do harm to you and in return, you try to use words to do harm to someone else they will always have the power to do so.
If the leader of a country or any country uses words to create a division among his or her people it is sending the wrong message.
He or she should turn these hateful and misleading words to words of unity and love for each other, to be willing to help his or her brother or sister. As we are all brothers and sisters to our Heavenly Father and our big brother Jesus.
If you take that power away then they just become words once again.
Tim Johnstone, Porterville, CA

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