Words might be the most useless thing on planet earth.
Oh. Sure.
Scholars, historians, and poets will rave to you about their benefits, blessings, and beauty.
“Bow down to our glory filled words!”
On and on and on…
“They preserve, create, and communicate!”
On and on and on…
Yet, haven’t they just fooled themselves?
Words aren’t concrete.
They change from one mind to the next.
They flow like water in an ever-changing stream from thought to thought.
How can they possibly preserve anything?
How can they possibly communicate accurately?
Oh yes, they who surrounded themselves with words have only fooled themselves.
Surrounded by diction, they have distorted their view of their own world.
Go on, scholars, historians, and poets.
Go, try to preserve, create, and communicate with a substance that will never be the same from one moment to the next.

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