Ancient scripts centuries later unearthed have given new ideas their latent birth
Sacred scrolls thought forever lost discovered and valued at priceless cost
We value words. We experience their power from the mouth of babes at a crucial hour
Words timely spoken wise and sound move us, change us, turn lives around
Words unspoken lead some to regret wishing they had spoken words they cannot forget
Words can heal and stir a dormant heart. Words can give the biggest smile a start
Words can be a catalyst for renewal and rebirth.
Words can move mountains and shake the earth
What is a prayer but a string of words we hear spoken in earnest to a listening ear
What is a blessing but words showering grace on a life, on a child, on a radiant face
What is a song but words in joyful refrain. What is comfort but words removing pain
What is a heart but an empty page at birth, a love note starting as a child enters earth
What is a friend but a relentless host of loving words spilling when needed most
Words fill a void. Words mend a breach. Words impart wisdom. Words guide and teach.
Loving words once released may proclaim their potent start
Listen as they gain momentum in the echoes of the heart

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