So I hear,
"actions speak louder than words,"
but I can't hear those actions if they don't speak to me.
Maybe my volume is turned down.

I guess I'm just as blind to what I don't see
as I am deaf to what I cannot hear.
Is it wrong to want to listen and know,
rather than be left guessing with a glimpse?

Is it "easier said than done,"
or easier done than said?
Sometimes, it's impossible to wear your heart on your sleeve.
so it dwells at the end of your tongue.

How can you be more willing to stumble over your feet
than to stumble over your own words?
Just remember, darling,
your hands can't tell me what your mouth can.

Just remember,
your words are just thoughts until they're spoken,
and there is no meaning
unless the quiet is broken.

Maybe I'm foolish,
patiently waiting to hear the words that can't be seen-
But I would rather hear the music,
than be left dancing with silence.

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